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Why Bake Search?

You have key positions to fill and the competition to find qualified candidates is fierce. We recruit the best and most sought after talent in the food and bakery industry across the country. Then give you a short list of handpicked, prequalified applicants to consider. Hiring challenge solved.

Newly recruited maintenance supervisor surveying equipment
Hire Industry Rock Stars

The best talent served to you on a silver platter for filling your crucial and toughest openings like maintenance, production, quality assurance and sanitation.

Hire Talent
bread on conveyor in baking facility
Find “Unicorn” Positions

Waiting for your unicorn job – that once-in-a-lifetime opportunity – is smart when you have the bakery expertise and leadership skills in high demand today.

View Positions
Plant supervisor watching bread line
List & Explore

List or explore key, top-level bakery positions with Bake Search, where you can hire the best in the industry and connect with the best companies.


Success Stories


Who we’re looking for

Career Moves Start Here

Plant Managers - Baking

Production Managers - Baking

Sanitation Managers - Foods/Baking

Superintendents - Baking

QA Director - Baking

Sanitation Supervisors - Foods/Baking

Maintenance Supervisors - Foods/Baking

Chief Engineers - Foods/Baking







Bake Search
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